The Founders

The Dead Pixel Society was founded by a global collection of ’90s-era icon designers, reunited. We’re no longer a group of early 20-something, fresh-faced art students. Enter Baby Björns, salt-and-pepper beards, and lower back pain.

The founding members of this pixel party are:

Justin Dauer


In the mid-90’s through mid-2000’s, Justin designed icons under both pseudoroom (which still serves as his personal creative outlet) and GUI Galaxy (the icon / design / Mac-based news portal he co-founded), and served up pixel delight as a news author on Kaliber10000 (K10k).

These days you can find him designing at Nansen, writing for A List Apart, or speaking on The Big Web Show.

Mathew “Doc” Halpern

"Mad Science Laboratories"

Assuming the persona of “Doc” Halpern, he cofounded Mad Science Laboratories with “Professor” How Bowers. In 2002, he was honored with first place in the illustrative category of IconFactory’s annual icon competition, Pixelpalooza. He also partnered with Justin Dauer of Pseudoroom to create Iconverge – an annual collaborative icon set featuring up-and-coming designers.

Since then, Mathew has changed direction and careers. He left design behind and got his certification as a health coach, opening Three Bears Wellness. His practice provides coaching, support, and guidance to those who want to eat clean, get well, and live better.

Ian Harrington

"Icon Icehouse"

In 1997, Ian began the Icon Icehouse as an idea of “cold icon storage” for cartoons and television shows from obscure to popular. Later he was a co-founder of GUI Galaxy and contributor to pseudoroom.

More recently, Ian moved to southern California running from the eastern climate change, continuing as a Lead User Experience Designer for clinical trial software leader Medidata Solutions. As long as he still breathes, he plays the drums and drinks way too much sparkling water.

Gedeon Maheux

"The Iconfactory"

Ged founded the Iconfactory with his friends Corey Marion and Talos Tsui back in 1996 as a way to share his love of the humble pixel in the form of Mac icons. Fortunately, icons quickly transformed from a fun, part-time hobby to a full time business and the Iconfactory grew into the design and development house it still is to this very day.

Almost twenty years later, the tools and techniques may have changed, but Ged is proud to say he’s still here, designing icons (both large and small) for clients around the world. He also loves to cook, blog, tear his hair out over the Boston Red Sox and enjoys all forms of science fiction, especially Star Trek.

Brian Brasher


The year was nineteen ninety-something; and upon discovering a collection of Gedeon Maheux’s terribly nifty custom folder icons included on the CD-ROM that accompanied an issue of MacAddict magazine, Brian knew he wanted to push pixels too. Doing so eventually pulled him out of a career in graphic design for print and dropped him squarely into the realm of digital art-making, where he’s still making a living to this day.

Brian appeared on the scene under the name of ikthusian. After disappearing for awhile, he returned as etherknot. That name lasted only briefly before he changed it to etherbrian, which stuck. His Twitter account does a decent job of keeping an adoring public abreast of what’s up with him; but his site, alas, is currently under construction. For those curious yet impatient, Brian’s Flickr account, though abandoned for all intents and purposes, is eaten up with art.

Forrest Walter

"Gort's Icons"

Lounging in his late 90’s college dorm, eschewing socialization, Forrest cranked out a 45-pack of icons, and heaved them onto the net, naming it “Gort’s Icons.” These were well-received. Bending to the will of the people, Forrest continued pressing the “make icon” button, to this very day. Alas, not for Gort’s Icons. Further Gort’s Icons work is still on the back back burner though. Pinky swear blood oath.

Activities these days include: Husbanding (not all college socialization was eschewed!), parenting (someday he’ll inherit the Gort’s Icons empire), and designing all sorts of things at a stunningly successful medical company (they have a cadaver lab! Forrest did the billboard for it! A cadaver lab billboard! Highly irregular!).

Søren Karstensen

"World of Kaos"

Søren begain making custom icons sometime in 1997 or so. His talent was quickly noticed by Noel Green, who made him part of his wildly popular Icon Planet. Known as one of the only (and first) icon designer from Denmark, Søren has since been part of pseudoroom as well as being co-founder of GUI Galaxy before finally settling with World of Kaos.

Today, Søren lives a quiet life, missing the days of customizing the Mac. A father of two, soon-to-be-three, Søren spends his working hours at Tegnerne, a place he’s been working at since 1995 before finally taking over the company in 2011, complaining that the graphic design business isn’t what it used to be. Recently, Søren has taking up photography and music-composing as his passionate hobbies when time from his kids allows it, as well as being a huge movie-buff.

Marc Clancy

"GUI Galaxy"

Somewhere back in the 90’s Marc graduated from print design school and in his spare time started playing with this thing called the internet. This internet thing lead him to discover a community of computer icon designers from all parts of the world. Designing icons looked like fun so naturally he contacted communities and people to ask if he could join in. After a few rejections, Marc met a friendly fellow named pseudo (Justin Dauer). He took him under his wing and 12 months later he’d produced several icon collections through Justin’s icon site pseudoroom.com

Today Marc has lots more grey hair. He’s also 1 of 4 founding partners and a design consultant at Navy Design where his main role is visual design for things like apps and software.

Noel Green

"Icon Planet"

Way back when Noel Green pushed pixels as Icon Planet, and became one of the few people who made his living from making icons. His work was published in multiple international MacWorld magazines and is still found in default installs of some programs and softwares.

For the last 11 years Noel has run Park East, Inc., a successful graphic and web marketing and branding agency. Married with 2 girls and one child (of yet unknown gender) on the way very soon he has also branched out into some acting and says he is, “thankful for every blessing given him.”

Ilona Melis


It all started in 1996 when playing with pixels was just a fun filler of spare time. After some lovely compliments, Ilona founded iliCon in 1997 to show her rapidly growing icon creations. Inquires, first for custom made icons then for other graphics too, started to flow in her way and Ilona become a freelance graphic designer.

Still after so many years, she feels fortunate to be able to get excited about a project. Ilona is a night owl, drinks way too much coffee, loves science fiction, and fantasy among other things.

“Professor” How Bowers

"Mad Science Laboratories"

“Professor” How Bowers joined “Doc” Halpern in the creation of Mad Science Laboratories, a website devoted to their experiments making Macintosh icons, Flash games and countless people on the internet unhappy when they mistook How’s fake live webcam of a totally implausable Schrödinger’s cat experiement for the genuine article.

Presently, How is an Associate Creative Director at Triad Retail Media. When not turning shoppers into buyers, he invents rum cocktails, battles his obsession with Walt Disney World and writes songs for The Crazed Mugs.

We honor the humble pixel with icon creations designed under 90's era MacOS constraints: 256 colors, pixel-by-pixel, on a 32 x 32 canvas.